Fence Staining


A wood fence provides a natural, timeless look and will blend in with the landscape in your backyard perfectly. Whether you want more privacy or an enclosure to keep your pets safe, wood fencing is the perfect fencing option. Your wood fence can be painted to match your home, too.


Over time, it’s only normal for your fence to accumulate blemishes from weather as well as normal wear and tear. When you work with North House Worx, you’ll get to enjoy the original luster of your newly stained fence. By staining your fence with our quality stain and seal products, you are protecting your investment from the harsh environment, oxidization, U.V. rays, mold and mildew growth, while virtually eliminating all chances of warping as your fence ages.

The biggest feature of our stains is the lack of carcinogenic solvents. Most stains use low quality paint pigments which require solvents that do not last, are harmful to the environment, and impact your health. Our stains are eco friendly, our low VOC stains never gas off in your backyard, they are easy to clean up and they provide a superior level of protection without the harmful side effects.


A dirty fence can impact your whole landscape, so it’s important to maintain its color and vibrancy. North House Worx uses high-quality commercial grade solvent free, mineral oil based stain & sealers. The best and safest way to preserve your wood, and we always provide dependable workmanship.

Once we’re finished with your fence restoration, you’ll benefit from:


  • An enhanced curb appeal
  • An increased home value
  • An extended fence lifespan
  • A reduced chance of UV fence damage

Redefine your landscape with a vibrant fence